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Launching a podcast is a lot of work. In today’s competitive marketplace, you’ve got to have a unique niche and an engaging personality to build an audience. But a few good jokes and compelling stories won’t be enough.

You’ll also need excellent production quality if you want to compete with the best of the best. The good news is that there is a lot of great quality and affordable gear out there these days that can help you make your podcast sound great.

You’ll also need excellent production quality if you want to compete with the best of the best. The good news is that there is a lot of great quality and affordable gear out there these days that can help you make your podcast sound great.

In this article, we’ll go on a hunt for the best pop filter to work with any microphone. Gear shopping can be one of the most fun parts of starting a podcast. It can also be stressful and tedious.

One thing we can all agree upon is that pod filters aren’t the most exciting piece of gear in a podcaster’s kit. For most of us, it’s a lot more exciting researching new microphones and mixers.

But pop filters are the type of gear that can truly make or break a recording session. Whether you’re an upstart podcaster with a big idea or a seasoned veteran with a growing audience, you’ll want the pop filter your budget will allow.

It’s tempting to sink your extra money into something fancier and more perhaps more fun than a pop filter. But remember that there is no faster way to turn off new listeners than to give them a recording that is marred with the sounds of smacking lips, heavy breathing, and popping plosive sounds.

So if you’re ready to step up your mic technique and dig deep on the best pop filters then read on, we’ve got all the info you’ll need.




Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL

Stedman Proscreen XL Pop Filter

Nady MPF-6 6-Inch Clamp on Microphone Pop Filter

Nady MPF-6 6-Inch Clamp On Microphone Pop Filter with Flexible Gooseneck and Metal Stabilizing Arm

Auphonix 6 Inch Pop Filter

AUPHONIX Pop Filter for Blue Yeti Microphone - Custom Fit, Easy On Clasp Shield Delivers Perfectly Optimized Voice Clarity - Double Mesh Windscreen Filter Mask Blocks S Hiss, Thud, Pop & BP Plosives

On-Stage ASVS6-GB Microphone Pop Filter

On-Stage ASVS6-GB Microphone Pop Filter with Clamp and 13' Gooseneck

Blue the Pop Universal Pop Filter

Blue The Pop Universal Pop Filter

Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD Studio Pop Filter

Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD Studio Pop Filter

WindTech PopGard 2000

WindTech PopGard 2000

Raxxess RAX POMT Stoppit 6″ Microphone Pop Filter

Raxxess RAX POMT Stoppit 6' Microphone Pop Filter with Gooseneck

eBerry Microphone Pop Filter

eBerry Microphone Pop Filter, U Shape Mask Metal Mesh and Foam Double Layer Mic Windscreen for Studio Microphone

Dragonpad USA 6″ Microphone Studio Pop Filter

Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter/ Swivel Mount,360° Flexible Gooseneck Holder

How We Reviewed

For this review of the best pop filters, we chose a range of products with different price points and features from some of today’s top brands.

We compared their features, prices, availability, and overall sound quality to help choose one overall top pick from the bunch.

While we’d never say that our top pick is the pop filter for every podcaster out there, we feel it offers a superior combination of price, performance, and overall value.

Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL

Stedman Proscreen XL Pop Filter
  • Screen diameter: 6"
  • Length: 26.5"
  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • Clamp range: .39"
  • Signal levels can be maximized without the risk of clipping caused by bursts (extremely important with digital formats)

The Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL pop filter is a great choice for podcasters who only want the best gear in their rigs. The mesh on this filter is proprietary to Stedman and patented.

It offers exceptional audio quality and good coverage over 6 inches of your mic.The Proscreen XL not only offers excellent protection for your mic but is also fully washable so you’ll have it for years to come.

With a sturdy 13 inch gooseneck, you’ll have tons of flexibility, and the premium-grade clamp is tipped with nylon. This means that you won’t nick or scratch any mic stands when mounting this pop filter.

If you’re looking for a premium option with high-end durability, then this could be the pop filter for you.

Sound Quality

With their patented filter material Stedman offers reduced plosives and superb clarity for your recordings.

Nady MPF-6 6-Inch Clamp on Microphone Pop Filter

Nady MPF-6 6-Inch Clamp On Microphone Pop Filter with Flexible Gooseneck and Metal Stabilizing Arm
  • Top rated Professional Pop filter for vocal microphones
  • Multi-positional windscreen for optimum performance
  • Stops plosives and protects your mic
  • Includes boom and microphone stand clamp
  • Swivel mount for easy positioning, plus extra long and flexible gooseneck holder

Nady’s MPF-6 Pop Filter is one of the leading choices for many podcasters in search of a pop filter. While this unit was designed for recording studio use, it’s still lightweight and compact enough for podcasting even if your record on location.

This is a classic design, but it will drastically cut down on plosive sounds and offer reliable protection for sensitive large condenser diaphragm mics.The MPF-6 has a specialized mic stand clamp with an elongated bracket to offer better versatility and range of motion.

This swivel mounted main filter and gooseneck make this a competitive choice amongst the pop filters on the market.

Sound Quality

Despite the low cost, this unit offers impressive protection against harsh sibilance and plosives.

Auphonix 6 Inch Pop Filter

AUPHONIX Pop Filter for Blue Yeti Microphone - Custom Fit, Easy On Clasp Shield Delivers Perfectly Optimized Voice Clarity - Double Mesh Windscreen Filter Mask Blocks S Hiss, Thud, Pop & BP Plosives
  • SHARE YOUR MESSAGE, NOT MISTAKES - MAKE THEM SHOUT FOR MORE with the ORIGINAL CUSTOM CREATED microphone pop filter optimized to offset the Yeti's SPECIFIC absorption for picking up Pops, BP Plosives, Hissing, Thuds, Spit & Windbreaks - so they hear your message and meaning, not your mistakes
  • [UPGRADED] STRONG 360 DEGREE HOLD, FASTER INSTALLATION - SUPERIOR COMPONENTS NOW deliver even more superior recording quality experience in this Blue Yeti Mic Shield. We've added an ULTRA-SECURE gooseneck that actually holds its position at any angle, and an EASY ON CLASP that attaches DIRECTLY to your Yeti Microphone Stand IN SECONDS. NO DRILL or SPECIAL SKILL REQUIRED.
  • YOU SOUND GREAT, NOT STIFLED - DOUBLE LAYER MESH mic shield for Blue Yeti won't stifle your sound, mask your voice, or drown out your inflection like those triple layer windscreen filters...nor will it cause those "twangy" or "s phasiness" sounds like a metal pop if you'd rather record great sound, not just talk about cool technology - then this is the mic shield for you.
  • DRAW THEM IN - NOT TOO LOUD, NOT TOO QUIET- WHILE MOST Blue Yeti Microphone Filters are no better than DIY mesh pop filters, Auphonix Surface Spacing acts like an AMPLIFYING MODIFIER, toning down those overly excited moments that make your voice sound brash, without turning a whisper into silence during those "Quiet Spoken Secrets" moments when you need to REEL YOUR AUDIENCE IN.
  • TRY IT OUT, RISK FREE - 12 FULL MONTHS: We're not just a leading sound recording company, we're RECORDERS JUST LIKE YOU, so we know precisely what you need to make that YouTube Video, Podcast, Training, FB Live or Song Cover sound amazing. So go ahead, Click Add to Cart Now and feel absolutely THRILLED with how much better you sound using this pop filter, or your money back, no questions asked.

The Auphonix 6 Inch Pop Filter gives podcasters an affordable option with solid quality and sound. This unit has a double-walled mesh construction to help cut down on plosives, sibilance, and distorted sounds.

Cutting these elements during production can drastically cut down on your effort during the mixing and mastering process.The gooseneck on this filter won’t flex and bend under the weight of the main ring as you may find with other low-end filters.

Like many on this list, the Auphonix pop filter was designed for music recording, but it works great for video and podcasting as well. What’s more, Auphonix covers this unit with a money-back guarantee if you’re not 100 percent satisfied for any reason.

Sound Quality

The double-walled mesh on this pop filter offers excellent protection for unwanted sounds including distortion.

On-Stage ASVS6-GB Microphone Pop Filter

On-Stage ASVS6-GB Microphone Pop Filter with Clamp and 13" Gooseneck
  • 6" Pop filter
  • Lightweight plastic hoop
  • Micro-weave black nylon diffuser
  • Bar clamp secures to shafts up to 7/8" In diameter
  • 13" Gooseneck

On-Stage Stands ASVS6GB Pop Blocker is one of the best pop filters available for cutting down on plosives without breaking the band. This unit offers a 6-inch circular filter made of micro-weave mesh that will redirect air as you speak or sing and cut out virtually all plosive sounds.

What sets this On-stage unit apart from the pack is its 13-inch gooseneck. It’s both durable and flexible to give you the maximum amount of positioning freedom. It also has a super tough V-bar clamp that can crank down on any mic stands that are up to 7/8″ in diameter.

The double-walled mesh on this pop filter offers excellent protection for unwanted sounds including distortion.


The micro-weave mesh on this pop filter will offer solid air deflection at a low price.

Blue the Pop Universal Pop Filter

Blue The Pop Universal Pop Filter
  • For use with any microphone
  • Helps to reduce or eliminate popping sounds when fast moving air hits the microphone
  • Easily clamps to mic stand for ideal positioning

Blue’s The Pop offers universal compatibility with any mic and premium-grade sound that your podcast listeners will notice. This unit easily clamps to any mic stand and uses a wire mesh instead of the fabric mesh used in most low-end filters.

With a curved faceplate, this unit cuts down on weight while offering excellent sound control directly over the capsule in your condenser mic. It also provides an all-metallic brushed aesthetic that is a significant upgrade over many competing filers.

And though this unit offers some significant upgrades, it is still significantly less expensive than many other premium options.


The wire mesh used on this pop filter is not only ultra-durable but also sounds better than most fabric mesh filters.

Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD Studio Pop Filter

Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD Studio Pop Filter
  • The AVANTONE PRO-SHIELD is the finest studio pop filter in the world!
  • The PRO-SHIELD allows close work on a mic to capture a more intimate / full sound without overloading the capsule with "plosive" blasts.
  • The specially designed curved surface naturally follows the grill shape of studio mics for an efficient positioning that will yield optimum acoustic and aesthetic results.
  • The PRO-SHIELD is constructed with an acoustically transparent metal screen that yields sonically superb results in studio applications. High-frequency details pass through to be captured in full while blocking the invasive blasts.
  • Sturdy ALL METAL Construction. 5-Year Warranty!

The Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD Studio Pop Filter is another example of the pop filters for podcasting with roots in the music world. This filter has a unique curved top edge that was created specifically to match the shape of today’s best mics.

And while this unit was conceived for recording studios, it’s fully compatible with most of the top podcasting mics too.Like the Blue filter, the Avantone uses a high-grade wire mesh filter that offers superior durability and better sound quality.

With a metal screen, the high-end frequencies will pass through untouched while lower-end frequencies (like plosives) will be deflected. This is a 100 percent metal filter and is covered with an impressive five-year warranty.


The wire-mesh used on this filter offers premium-grade audio quality.

WindTech PopGard 2000

WindTech PopGard 2000
  • Adjustable Mic-mounted Pop Filter

The WindTechPopGard 2000 is a truly unique offering on our list of the pop filters. This American-made product was in development for ten years as the inventor obsessed over the perfect design.

What makes this pop filter different from the others on this list is that it offers a wider range to accommodate microphones with omnidirectional patterns.Another key feature is the hydrophobic material used throughout the filter.

This unit will not only keep unwanted spit off your mic but also stand up to repeated cleaning and stay fresh and clean for years.Size, weight, and versatility are also central to the PopGard 2000.

This filter weighs just a few ounces and will hold mics measuring between 1.8″ and 2.7″ (46mm to 68mm) in diameter. It will easily mount on just about any mic with a simple elastic band system.

Since there is no gooseneck or clamp you won’t have to worry about getting this mic set up on microphones with special shock mounts.


This mic offers excellent protection against plosives even for mics with varying sound patterns.

Raxxess RAX POMT Stoppit 6″ Microphone pop Filter

The Raxxess RAX POMT Stoppit 6″ Microphone Pop Filter with Gooseneck offers solid sound diffusion with no added bells and whistles. This unit uses a standard 6-inch filter mounted on a gooseneck and with a durable clamp compatible with most mic stands.

The metal parts on this unit are made from high-grade steel so you can expect to get solid performance for years.


This unit offers comparable sound quality to the other mid-tier filters on this list.

eBerry Microphone Pop Filter

eBerry Microphone Pop Filter, U Shape Mask Metal Mesh and Foam Double Layer Mic Windscreen for Studio Microphone
  • Best Buy for Your Microphone: Prevent the saliva from spraying on the microphone head when recording vocals. It will help to ensure that your tracks are audible and easy to understand.
  • Dual Layer Windscreen: Dual foam layer can effectively reduce the pops, plosive, crackles, wind interference, breath sounds when recording vocals.
  • Good Protection Design: U-shape design make it suitable with your studio mic, metal mesh and plastic frame are light and won't affect the appearance of your mic.
  • Easy to Install: Simply fit it on the head of the microphone with rubber ring and quick to take off from microphone.
  • Application: Fit perfectly for 45 mm to 66 mm diameter microphone without wayward swinging about.

The eBerry Microphone Pop Filter offers excellent sound protection and a quality barrier for your mic against saliva. Like the Avantone pop filter, this unit has a U-shaped upper ring that can give better coverage on some studio-grade recording mics.

A wire mesh filter and plastic housing also cut down on weight and increase durability for podcasters on the go. This unit also features similar mounting to the WindTech
PopGard and uses elastic straps that will fit directly over the top of mics measuring from 45 mm to 66 mm in diameter.

This can be a nice feature for podcasters who need something more compact than a gooseneck filter.


This unit will drastically improve sound quality and is very affordable.

Dragonpad USA 6″ Microphone Studio Pop Filter

Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter/ Swivel Mount,360° Flexible Gooseneck Holder
  • Dual Layer Mesh Pop Filter: Dual layers of nylon mesh with an air gap work together to reduce and eliminate popping and lisping from your recordings without diminishing clarity.
  • Protection from Saliva: Prevents the accumulation of spit on your microphone element which contain corrosive salts.
  • Universal Mount: Featuring a unique bracket angle and tension screw, the pop filter can be mounted to virtually any microphone or stand.
  • Firm yet Flexible Gooseneck: Metal gooseneck is strong enough to stay where you put it, yet easy to adjust as needed for maximum comfort and quality.
  • Cost Savings: Provides an economical solution to help get your best vocal recordings on the first take.

The Dragonpad USA 6″ Microphone Studio Pop Filter with Clamp offers solid quality and affordable option for podcasters who want good sounds and a bit of personal flair.

Dragonpad offers a range of colors which set it apart from the competition. Some various options include black and white, pink and white, pink and black, purple and white, and pink with black.

This unit has a standard 6-inch filter with a double-mesh barrier. A high-quality adjustable gooseneck and clamp make it easy to keep this pop filter exactly where you need it.

The Dragonpad could be a perfect choice for podcasters who want to ensure that their gear matches their personal style.


With a double mesh barrier, this pop filter will block unwanted sounds with ease.

Product FAQ

What Is a Pop Filter?

A pop filter, also known as a windscreen, pop shield, or pop screen, is a device that placed in front of a microphone during the recording process. The primary function of a pop filter is to eliminate the popping sounds that can result from fast-moving air hitting the microphone while people speak and sing. 

These sounds, referred to as plosives, can cause disturbances in audio quality and are often hard to eliminate in post-production even with advanced audio editing software. Another key feature offered by the pop filters is protection for the mic. Even the most sensitive speakers and singers can occasionally spit.

A pop filter creates a physical barrier that can prevent saliva from contacting the sensitive parts of a microphone. Due to its high salt content, saliva can be corrosive to the delicate capsules in a microphone especially over the course of many years.

Is a Pop Filter Really Necessary for Podcasting?

While you can technically record a podcast without a pop filter, we wouldn’t recommend it. It’s virtually impossible to control plosive sounds from some speakers or singers without one and plosives can be very hard to manage once they’re in your recording.

Today’s podcast listeners have high standards and they will know if you’re peddling substandard audio quality.

What Should You Look for in a Pop Filter?

These are fairly simple devices but the pop filters have some key features you’ll want to look for. One of the main things you’ll need is a good quality clamp that is compatible with a multitude of mic stands.

You’ll also want a pop filter with a strong gooseneck able to withstand years worth of twisting and adjustment. Another critical feature is the quality of mesh on the filter. This mesh is what will actually stop unwanted sounds, so you’ll need something ultra-durable.

Who Makes the Pop Filters?

Most of the top microphone and audio accessory brands offer pop filters and there are also a few companies that focus on them specifically. Some of today’s pop filters are made by Steadman, Nady, Audioophonix, On-Stage, Blue, Avantone, Windtech, Raxxess, eBerry, and Dragonpad.

Is There a Difference between These Brands?

Many of the pop filter brands offer products that look very similar. When you look closely, however, you’ll notice that many have different clamping mechanisms, goosenecks, types of mesh, sizes, and shapes. 

Finding the best pop filter for your podcasting rig could come down to picking a brand that offers the right features to mount on your chosen microphone effectively.

The Verdict

Podcasting has become one of the most important forms of digital media today and recording gear companies have taken notice.

From purpose-built recorders and microphones to interfaces and software, there is a ton of great gear available that can help you bring a pro-quality product to your audience.

With so much gear out there, however, it can be hard to know what actually worth buying. This is especially true with pop filters since they come in such a wide range of prices styles.

With that said, our choice for the best pop filter is the WindTech PopGard 2000. This pop filter simply offers more features and a better value than any other filter out there.

With its versatile and universal fit, this pop filter is ready to go anywhere and jump onto any mic you throw at it. 

The hydrophobic materials also ensure that with a bit of TLC you’ll get years of performance from your modest investment.

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