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Podcasts have become to the early 21st century what radio was to the early 20th. The difference is that anyone can make a podcast and put it on the Internet if they want. All you need is a connection, a device, and the best microphone for podcasting that you can get.

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Podcast Microphone FAQ

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1. What Is a Podcast Microphone?

2. Are All Podcast Mics the Same?

3. What Makes the Best Microphone for Podcasting?

4. How Do I Make My Space Right for Recording?

How We Reviewed

In our quest to help you find the best microphone for podcasting for your setup, we've looked at the recommendations and the favorite mics by some of the best podcasters. We considered their key features and let you know the price and what type of podcasting setup each is best for.

Overall Price Range

Prices for the mics we looked at range from about $80 to $230. On the cheaper end, you'll get a basic mic that will do the job. You won't be able to adjust much and you will need to be careful to use these mics in very controlled sound environments. On the high end you'll get adjustable and forgiving mics or ones will work with more types of connections and perform well in a wider variety of podcast recording situations.

​Best Microphone for Podcasting

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The Blue Yeti is a USB mic that comes in 13 different colors to match any decor. Costs will vary depending on the color you want, and in some cases you can get it bundled with games or other useful software. The mic features three condenser capsules, gain control, and gives you the ability to change the pick-up pattern from cardioid, to stereo, omnidirectional, or bidirectional. It works with Mac and Windows.

Best For: Quiet Environments

This is the best microphone for podcasting in quiet rooms or where there's no need to use too much gain.

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This offering from Shure has been especially tailored to work with vocals and has a built-in wind and pop filter. The frequency response is excellent, and the shock mount system works very well. It has a uniform cardioid pickup and does a good job of isolating the voice and minimizing background noise. The stand is sturdy, and you can rotate the mic by 180 degrees. This one comes with a professional three-pin connector rather than a USB connection.

Best For: Single Person

This is a great recording mic for a wide variety of situations, but it will work best with just one person recording.

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This is another excellent microphone with cardioid performance pattern that minimizes the ambient sounds you don't want. Recordings with this mic are clear and natural, and it can handle a large dynamic range. The shock mount is excellent and by itself would be quite expensive. This is the best microphone for podcasting all kinds of voices, whether low or high. You'll appreciate the clear, neutral tone.

Best For: Quiet Environments in Need of Quality

This is the best microphone for podcasting when you need a professional-level mic at a decent price; especially if you have a mixer. It will pick up whispers, so be sure to use it in a quiet place.

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This is the cheapest mic we reviewed, and the reason for that becomes evident once you use it. It is very compact, has a USB connection, and can even fold up for easy carrying. It can be clipped onto a laptop or small desk for the ultimate versatility. Choose from omnidirectional and cardioid pickup patterns, which makes it useful for recording more than one person at a time. It works with both Mac and PC; but the accompanying software can be very glitchy on Macs.

Best For: On-the-Go

This is a cheap mic, and it shows in the recording quality. You'll get a lot of pops and very low or high voices will not sound at their best. However, this is the perfect mic to take with you if you need to record on-the-go. It's also a good choice if you have several people conferencing at once.

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This is a broadcast-quality microphone and the most expensive one on our list. This is the best microphone for podcasting in nearly any type of environment. The mic rejects ambient noise, has a tight pattern, and is specially designed for the human voice.

The internal pop filter works very well, and the overall design and construction are excellent and can handle a beating. It does not come with a stand, however, so that will require a separate purchase. At two pounds, this is a heavy mic that isn't built for portability; but it does work beautifully in the studio.

Best For: The Up and Comer

This is the best microphone for podcasting in any situation except on-the-go. It can't be used by multiple speakers, but for the podcaster working alone or the team with more than one mic, it delivers recording-studio level quality at a reasonable price.

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This is a dynamic mic that works well in noisier situations. It has a grill that keeps sound from bouncing around within it, and the shock mount works very well. You can use this for musical vocals as well as for speech. It's energy efficient and requires no phantom power. It connects via XLR inputs and does work with both Mac and PC. You'll get the most from this mic if you have a mixer that can process the mid-levels.

Best For: Quality Recording in Noisy Environments

If you can't do your recording in a perfectly quiet environment, this is the best microphone for podcasting where things are noisy.

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This is one of the pricier mics on our list, but there's good reason for that. It records great sound at a professional level and is perfect for those who need something that will make a good track without mixing. Many users report that this mic works as well for them as much more expensive professional mics. It is reasonably sturdy, has a three pin connection, and does not need phantom power.

Best For: Quality Sound Without a Mixer

If you need excellent sound right out of the box, this is a great microphone for you. It performs like a much more expensive model.

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This affordable mic connects either by USB or XLR and comes with a foam pop filter and stereo headphones. It's a dynamic microphone that works with Mac or Windows computers, though Mac users should be aware that the software can be glitchy.

This mic has built-in cardioid pickup patters, and the accompanying screen helps you avoid recording weird vocal thrusts. The filter has been made to a generic pattern on purpose to ensure it protects your sound from a variety of ambient noises.

Best For: Podcasters on a Budget

This mic is a great start mic for someone who wants to get into the game but can't yet pony up for a more expensive model. You will have to tweak your setup a bit to get the perfect sound, but it is definitely possible.

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This is another budget offering that comes in four colors. It is plug 'n play compatible with PCs and Macs and allows you to choose between cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns. The headphone output has no latency and the controls are easy to use.

This microphone is really designed to facilitate Skype calls and gaming, but it also works for podcasting. It does a reasonably good job of picking up a single voice or a group.

Best For: Multiple Voice Podcasters

If you regularly need to record several voices on your podcast, but don't have a lot of money to burn, consider this microphone.

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Blue Snowball comes in two colors and is designed especially for internet streaming. The audio is very clear, but works best with mid-range and low voices rather than high-pitched ones. It works with PC or Mac and connects via USB.

This does not come with a pop filter or a boom arm, so you'll need to position yourself perfectly to use it if you don't get these. If you do, you can expect far better sound out of this budget microphone than you would expect given the price.

Best For: Those Who Have a Boom Arm

If you're looking to replace a mic unexpectedly and on a budget, consider this one. You'll get great sound if you already have a boom mic to put it on.

The Verdict

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What's the best microphone for podcasting? The one that works for you. The trouble is that you can expend a lot of money and frustration in finding just the right one. If you're still on the fence, consider our favorite picks:

Best for Budget

​We love the Blue Snowball for an inexpensive mic that delivers. It will work best if you already have a boom arm and pop filter, but if you do you can't get better sound for anything like the price.

​Best for Mobile

​If you do all your recording on the go, the Samson Go mic is your friend. It's not the best sound, but podcasts recorded on the go get more leeway in this respect.

​Best All Around

If you want to get the best mic money can buy for podcasting, the PR-781 would be our pic. This is essentially a professional studio mic priced for the ordinary person.

Whether you're podcasting to raise brand awareness, build a connection with your followers, or connect with others in your industry, you need the best microphone for podcasting. Choose one of the ones on our list and get your broadcast out there!


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